Testimonials collected from patients who visited our Fredericksburg Chiropractic Office:

"No more crutches!"

I was on crutches for 2 month and the orthopedic surgeon couldn’t help me. Dr JP adjusted my knee the first time I saw him and I haven't used crutches since then. He’s good with backs also.

— Becky Northcutt

"Saying Goodbye to Medication"

I have had lower back pain for years. I have taken many medications to help with the pain. I have gone to many chiropractors who have tried many things, all with limited help. I found this practice about 1 month ago, because it was either take a chance on the only one I could get to am appointment with, or go to the ER for the pain. After a 10 minutes appointment I could feel such relief. I have eliminated one pain pill and almost a second. Is the pain 100% gone, no but you can't eliminate degenerative disk disease, but I fell better than I have in over 15 years. I would recommend without hesitation.

— Lawrence Snow

"Definitely Go See Dr. JP!"

If your in pain you should definitely go see Dr. JP! I love this facility!!

— Helen Smiddy Dill


"Never Regretted the Decision"

Suffering from migraines and sciatica pain majority of my life, made the decision to finally go back to get seen and have never regretted the decision since!! Dr JP is the best around and I trust him with my children and my health!

— Melody Lynn


"A True Gem"

I have been to several chiropractors over the years but Dr. JP Yurgel is truly wonderful He has a caring, professional and warm demeanor and knows exactly how to put you at ease. My teen daughter often has neck and upper body pain/stiffness and JP always makes her feel 100% better. He has treated me for headaches associated from neck and back issues and I always have pain free days after his adjustments. His practice is absolutely lovely and gives patient's a sense of harmony and balance. I highly recommend Hands of Hope and if you haven't been to a chiropractor before, give this practice a try. JP is exceptional and a true gem.

— Cristina Chuquillangui


"Dr. JP is a Godsend"

Dr. JP is a Godsend. I’ve been seeing him for almost two years now and he is truly the best of the best! I always find relief after seeing him for either a stiff neck, pulled muscle, sinus/allergy discomforts, and most recently he’s been helping me feel comfortable and get my hips aligned for delivering my baby. My son also started seeing him when he was just 2 years old. He is warm, friendly, caring - and truly wants the best for his patients. Hands of Hope is a really neat facility and has so much to offer! The name of his office matches his vision well as he’s truly given me hope of better health at times  I’ve gone in with so much pain and discomfort. You can’t go wrong with Dr. JP and can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for my family!

— Cristina Buerkle


"So professional!"

Dr. JP is one of the only two professionals who can align my pelvis/SI, even after a major hip surgery. He is very professional and attentive to details, and he has helped me maintain my very active lifestyle. I can't say enough good things about him and his practice!

— Shannon Wohler



I was in knee pain for months and with just one little session I was well! HE knows what he is doing and has a marvelous spirit of light and kindness to go along with his superb skills and wisdom! HE is the BEST!

— Yasmine Vine


"Dr. JP is awesome and such a sweetheart!"

I was so I need of adjusting my body from stress. After my service with him, I felt so much more relaxed and slept wonderfully. Also if looking to lose weight ask him how! I lost 10lbs and about 2 inches in my first week.

— Marie Jones


"Feel so much better after my 1st adjustment"

I had never been to chiropractor before. I had some fatigue and tenderness for a couple of days afterwards. I feel great today and am looking forward to my next visit.

— Eydie Guerrero


"You're in amazing hands"

I go to Dr. JP for my chiropractic care and I couldn't be more pleased. I have gone to many chiros in my life but am always a skeptic. It can be so hard to trust someone to adjust your body! JP makes me feel more than confident and comfortable. Not only does he adjust you physically he also reads into energy and listens to your body and from one healer to the other he's amazing. Huge heart. Great hair. Bright smile. Stunning and absolutely sparkly person inside and out. You inspire me each day to be a better person and stand a little straighter. You are in amazing hands with him. 

— Catelyn M.


"Renewed self energy"

My sincerest gratitude to Dr. JP for the work he does. He's helped me kick my fast & fried food diet, reorganize my negative thought patterns, see myself in completely new and mind-bending ways; and it's only possible because of JP's deep compassion and patience. The fact that JP cares selflessly and intensely is why I'm healthier and happier today. He's brought me healthy recipes from his collection, so I'll feel better and better before my next session; he's listened to me & my emotions, giving me incredible feedback that's changed my plans in life; and he's made me feel whole & complete in ways that no other chiropractic doctor (or doctor) ever has. Dr. JP, you're fixing my life, not just my back! Thanks so very much!

— Michael A.


"Dr JP Yurgel is AMAZING! AMAZING energy work and he also adjusted me."

I felt renewed after his chakra cleansing! A sweet wonderful soul who truly cares for his patients and does phenomenal work! You would be a fool not to see him!! A very lovely office too!!



Dr. JP is an amazing doctor and as well as an amazing person!

— Ashley H.


"Vacation from day-to-day grind"

Not only is Dr. JP an awesome person, visiting his office and getting adjusted is like a mini vacation from the daily grind! Everyone is welcomed with a friendly, "Hello! How are you!?" from Dr. JP himself and treated with great respect. The waiting area is cozy and homey and has a nice assortment of tasty teas — there's no medical-feeling office atmosphere at Hands of Hope! Dr. JP takes his time to find out what's happening with my body and makes sure he does everything he can to help me get back to tip-top shape. Lastly, BGI is a treat in and of itself — leaving with a feeling of bliss and euphoria, I always enjoy a BGI adjustment.

— Steve S.

Loved by healing folks all over the Fredericksburg, VA area!

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