Benefits of Bio-Geometric Integration

Bio-Geometric Integration is not a technique and nor do all chiropractors learn this approach. Dr. J.P. has studied B.G.I. extensively and has completed numerous training seminars making him a Gold Level practitioner and he will continue to attend more seminars as these seminars build upon one another. 

B.G.I. is an amazing approach that meets a person where he or she is at and helps them to move forward on his/her journey. B.G.I. addresses the physical, mental, emotional and chemical stressors that are locked into your system. By connecting with your body, Dr. J.P. is able to ask what type of patterns you want to release. Your body will then show him patterns that he has been trained to detect. These patterns are like layers of an onion. There are superficial layers and then there are deep to the core layers. By asking the body to present these patterns, your body will only show him the patterns you are ready to release. Therefore nothing is too difficult for you to handle. Your body will be letting go of these old patterns so that you can have better function and move forward through life.

Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) Options

Adult — $70
Child — $55

Monthly Membership Packages (4 visits per month)

Adult — $240 ($60 per adjustment)
Child — $180 ($45 per adjustment)

What to expect with Bio-Geometric Integration

B.G.I. is a gentle and honoring approach that can have powerful results by releasing patterns stuck in your body. A typical B.G.I. session lasts from 20 to 40 minutes depending upon what your body and system wants to work with. The patterns your body is ready to release will present themselves and with gentle contacts from Dr. J.P. and breathing work they will release. If you need to receive an osseous (bone) adjustment Dr. J.P. will inform you.

bgi table